5 Minute Career Finder

Get Paid for Doing What You Love!?

Really! You provide some general information about your personality and receive a list of careers that match your personality.

Whether you are seeking a career requiring a college-degree or non-degreed career, this 5 Minute Career Finder can give you many potential careers that are suited to your personality.

You can begin exploring each of them with a click of the mouse.

Along with the list of careers you will learn more about Your Personality: Strengths, Weaknesses, Learning Strategies, Celebrities that share your personality traits and more! All with this 5 Minute Career Finder!

In all honesty, the 5 Minute Career Finder is just a starting point of careers that match your personality. You still need to explore the careers and ask meaningful questions. The paid version of College Compass can help you with that . So, lets get started! Take 5 minutes to take answer the personality questions. All your answers are right, because they are about you!

Your Free Career Test

Your free career test on the website works as the best career aptitude test. Once you take the survey, it guides you about career choices that may work best for you. It compares your interests to determine the study areas that are likely to be of interest to you.

This isn't all. The career interest survey also highlights your strengths and weaknesses. It describes the strong points of your personality so you can benefit from them. Also, it highlights your weaknesses. Thus you can work on improving those personality traits. You can also find out your learning style. This information will help you out when it's time to study for college.

We know you want to know which famous personalities share your personality type. Don't worry! Once you take the personality survey, you will also find out which famous people share your traits and personality type.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the free test today to find out this interesting yet useful information!

Interest Inventory

The most important purpose of the personality survey is to determine the most suitable career choices. So, College Campus has established a comprehensive interest inventory for you.

It takes into account your personality results. And then compares these details with the list of careers. Then it lists down career options that match your personality. You may want to opt for college degrees or non-college programs. Hence, our interest inventory for students has everything you need for making an informed decision.