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Really! You provide some general information about your personality and receive a list of careers that match your personality.

Whether you are seeking a career requiring a college-degree or non-degreed career, this 5 Minute Career Finder can give you many potential careers that are suited to your personality.

You can begin exploring each of them with a click of the mouse.

Along with the list of careers you will learn more about Your Personality: Strengths, Weaknesses, Learning Strategies, Celebrities that share your personality traits and more! All with this 5 Minute Career Finder!

In all honesty, the 5 Minute Career Finder is just a starting point of careers that match your personality. You still need to explore the careers and ask meaningful questions. The paid version of College Compass can help you with that . So, lets get started! Take 5 minutes to take answer the personality questions. All your answers are right, because they are about you!

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